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by McKtizo


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McSling is a single strap used to carry a surfboard for surfing. Its simple design makes it so easy to use. When you get to the shore you just remove it off you board and wear it like a belt into the water. 

It's not nylon! McSling certainly could cut costs by producing this in nylon and make more sells as they wear out due to saltwater and sun. But its made from Polyester so its designed to last longer. It also comes in Polypropylene so if the wave decides to "washing machine" you it will float. With Polypropylene also came color choice: Pacific Blue, Teal and Rainbow.

One size fits all from a 10 year old child to an adult male (6' 3" or perhaps taller). From grom to grownup one size fits then all.

Fits a surfboard 24" wide by 3" thick

Waist size: 22" to 44" when in folded position and up to 73" unfolded.  

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