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About Us

After 10 years of longing, McKtizo was established in the small town of El Segundo on 12 March 2015.

 Its first product is McSling, a single strap surfboard carrier. There is a certain beauty in simplicity. Just as e=mc2 so eloquently describes the laws of physics and changed the world of Science, McSling’s simplicity will forever change the way a surfboard is carried.

Because it is a single strap it can wrap and carry a surfboard in a few seconds. And because it is a single strap it quickly converts to become a belt.  This strap is so simple and easy to use your actually use it.

McSling’s genesis was born surfing the waves in Bolsa Chica State Beach in California. While the surf was fun the side current was a killer and so was the long walk back after the surf session. McSling solves the problem because it can be worn like a belt into the water - destroying the adage “you can’t take it with you”. This functionality is complimented by its ability to the wrap the board in mere seconds leaving one hands free for the walk back.

The name McKtizo is the marriage of the "Mack" and "Kitty" – after the inventor’s parents. “Kitty” was changed to "Ktizo", a Greek verb meaning to create, from which we derive our Mission Statement:

"To create for others"

 We would love to know how McSling has let you ride the board you love and not the one you can carry. Feel free to contact us via email at